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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

J.P. Moreland on the Continuation of the Revelatory Gifts [and Wonder Working Gifts]

J.P. Moreland is a Christian philosopher who believes in and experiences the revelatory gifts of prophecy, word of wisdom and word of knowledge. He holds to a more Arminian-like theology.

I post the following videos/resources because J.P. Moreland is another great example of a very rational, intelligent and theologically knowledgeable Christian who believes in the modern continuation of the charismatic gifts.


J.P. Moreland: Discerning God's Voice - When God Seems Silent

Here is a link to very informative interviews of J.P. Moreland by Robert Lawrence Kuhn on his PBS show Closer to Truth:

Here's a link to J.P. Moreland being asked whether he believed in the existence of Angels and Demons:

(original video can be viewed HERE at the Closer To Truth website)

J.P. Moreland's testimonies of supernatural occurrences in his own local church:

1. From his closing statement in his debate against atheist Clancy Martin

2. From his rebuttal in his debate against atheist Clancy Martin
If the above links eventually don't work, you can download the debate at the links HERE.

3. J.P. Moreland recounting being healed of a viral infection that caused him to have the worst case of laryngitis in the 35 years since college. He said it hurt to speak and his "throat felt as if it had broken glass in it, and I was reduced to whispering." He was healed by two elders in his church praying for him for about 3 minutes.

4. C. Michael Patton recounting a story told him by J.P. Moreland when he asked him why more amputees aren't healed. Moreland's answer includes a testimony of the healing of an ear.

Patton wrote:

For example (and this was not part of Keener’s presentation), J. P. Moreland once told me, when I asked him why God does not heal amputees, a story that is continually in my mind when these kind of things are on the table. He said he once witnessed a guy who was missing an ear (there was just skin where the ear should be) and saw it grow back as people (including Moreland) prayed for him. He said they watched as there was a break in his skin, blood came out, and a slight “ear” formed. What is interesting about this story is that the ear did not grow completely back. When the miracle was over, he just had a hole there, a bit of an ear, and could hear out of it.

5. As a Calvinist, I have some disagreements with Moreland's theology of prayer, but here's another link to an audio file where ,Moreland shares more examples of answered prayer in his own life.

6. J.P. Moreland gave the following testimony of healing in his book, Kingdom Triangle (Zondervan, 2007)

The Sunday evening service on February 20, 2005, had just ended and I wanted to get home. I was frustrated. …The previous Thursday a virus landed in my chest and throat, and in a period of less than three hours I went from being normal to having the worst case of laryngitis in the 35 years since college. On Friday I went to our walk-in clinic and received the bad news. The doctor warned that this virus was going around, she had seen several cases of it in the last few weeks, and there was nothing that could be done about it. I just had to wait it out. The laryngitis would last 7–10 days.
This couldn't be, I whispered to her. My main day of teaching at the university was Monday, and I was looking at a full day of lecturing. I couldn't afford to cancel classes because I had already missed my limit of canceled classes for that semester. To make matters worse, I was scheduled to deliver a three-hour lecture at a nearby church that Tuesday evening, and I didn't want to let the church down.
It made no difference. The doctor said I wasn't going to be able to speak either day, so I had to make other plans. My throat felt as if it had broken glass in it, and I was reduced to whispering. On Sunday evening I whispered a few greetings to various church friends; I tried to speak normally, but it hurt too much. After the service I had to get home, try to contact our department secretary that night…and cancel my classes for Monday. I could cancel with the church the next day.
As I was walking out of the sanctuary, two lay elders intercepted me. "Hey, J. P.," one yelled, "you can't leave yet. Hope (my wife) just told us you have laryngitis, and we can't let you get outta here without loving on you a bit and praying for your throat!" So one elder laid hands on my shoulders and the other placed his hand on my lower throat area and started praying.
To be honest, I wasn't listening to a word they said. I had already left the church emotionally and wanted to get home to make my phone call. But something happened. As the two men prayed gently for me, I began to feel heat pour into my throat and chest from one elder's hand. After two or three minutes of prayer, I was completely and irreversibly healed! I started talking to the brothers normally with no pain, no effort, no trace that anything had been wrong. I never had to make that call to my secretary. The laryngitis never returned. [copy and paste source or Here] [The original source might be chapter 7 of J.P. Moreland's book Kingdom Triangle]

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