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Friday, August 16, 2013

Steve Hays on Cessationism

In a matter of a few short weeks apologist Steve Hays has been able to post multiple blogs critiquing some cessationist arguments against continuationism. Hays has described himself as a semi-cessationist in the past. At the time of this blog posting Hays does not consider himself a continuationist. Neverthless, his insight, honesty and clear thinking on the subject is useful to cessationists and continuationists alike. In these following blogs Hays manages to point out many of the serious problems with the arguments cessationists often use. He does a masterful job at uncovering and critiquing the terrible arguments that some cessationists employ. To be fair, he also gives critiques of some continuationists and continuationist arguments. I've listed the blogs from the oldest to the newest so that one can get a sense of the flow of the argument between Steve and his interlocutors. Being a continuationist myself, I've contributed comments to many of these blogs. I'll be adding to the list whenever appropriate.

Note: I usually didn't include Steve's blogs where he only posted an external link to someone else's webpage article. If I did, it was because there were immediate comments in that blog and Steve aggressively interacted with the comments. That means it's possible that such blogs (which were merely links) may eventually (down the line) have comments in them which Steve interacts with. Those blogs will not have been included in the list below because they remained comment free early on. Sometimes I've also included blogs posted by other Triabloggers because Steve decided to make insightful comments or respond to other comments at the bottom.

Was Kathryn Kuhlman a charlatan?

Christian debunkers

Skeptical cessationism

Healing a few

Debunking continuationism

Is continuationism false by definition?

Mediate and immediate miracles

In these last days he has spoken to us by his Son

The Church of Hume

Strange Fire conference

Can God be chained?

What is prophecy?

Hypocrites chiding hypocrites

"Extrabiblical revelation"

Primary and secondary sources


Apostolic signs

Butler for the prosecution

Speaking in tongues

Ghost Hunters

Cessationism, testimonial evidence, and historical knowledge

Feminist cessationists

Don't bother me with the facts!

Clueless in MacArthurville

Reporting miracles

Will the real Dan Phillips please stand up?

Laying the foundation

"Acts 4:16-level miracles"

Cessationism and selective standards

MacArthurite preterists

Who's redefining what?

"Woefully naive and theologically Pollyannish"

Preaching to the bathroom mirror

900 foot Jesus

In-house narratives

Is Wayne Grudem a heretical cult-member?

Cessationism and the argument from miracles

Hume in sheep's clothing

Purveyors of a false gospel

Brown v. MacArthur

Fissures in dispensationalism

Bob Larson

Deflecting miracles

"Gutless enablers"

Divine freedom

Brown v. Turk

Judging by appearances

Zero tolerance cessationism

Bridge burning

Seeing in a mirror

When the perfect comes

Pauline prophecy

Catholic miracles

Revive Us Again

Disambiguating the charismatic debate

Rearguard cessationism

Strange bedfellows

Short-sighted objections

Soul brothers

Perspectives on Africa

Strike three and counting

Are Biblical miracles "undeniable"?

George Müller: charismatic Calvinist

Is this charismatic?

Denying the undeniable

Charismatic miracles

Healers and healing

Demarcating miracles

Wedge tactics

Some charismatic demographics

Clarifying charismata

James Randi in sheep's clothing

Strange fire or misfire?

Shooting themselves in the foot

Prophecies will pass away

The two witnesses

Comical Ali

Critical thinking on modern miracles

The latter day drought

Testing the spirits

Putting God in a box

The prayer of faith will save the sick

What cessationism is not...or is it?

The charismatic covenanters

Throwing the baby out with the paintbrush

Hiding behind a girl

Charismatic Christianity in Africa

Hodge on prophecy

Same product, different label

Have the charismata ceased?

Brown v. Waldron

Postmortem on the Waldron/Brown debate

Dreaming of Jesus

Bring my cloak

Fire and smoke

The prayer of faith

Tongues of fire

Redshirt recruits

The Protestant Polemic on Post-Biblical Miracles

Hacking nature

"Modern apostles"

On prophecy and prayer

Keener reviews Strange Fire

Piper on the Strange Fire conference

How cessationism denies the self-attesting authority of Scripture

Cessationism and continuationism, never mind the Torah, what do we think happened in the golden age when the canon was forming?

Charismatic glossary

My rodeo clown beats your rodeo clown!

MacArthurite mythmakers

Was Spurgeon clairvoyant?

Was Martyn Lloyd-Jones a cessationist?

Lloyd-Jones on cessationism

All or nothing

Do you believe in miracles?

Fathoms of doubt

Token faith in miracles

Swinging at the piñata

Naturalizing miracles

Visions of Jesus

Ufology and miracles

The truth is out there

What makes a miracle miraculous?

Sancho, saddle up Rocinante

Sacerdotal cessationism

Brush fire

Praying for amputees

NT quality miracles

Can the leopard change its spots?

Undeniable exorcisms

Fred's decoy

Instant healing

To whom are miracles undeniable?

Playing with atheist matches

Founding the church

The healing debate

Primer on Eph 2:20

Modern xenoglossy

Parsing theological metaphors

Matches in the dark

Complete healing

Weeding out charlatans

Proximal prayer

Science & Healing

Spotting charlatans

Compartmentalized Christians

John 14:12

Miracles and medicine

A simple method for weeding out charlatan faith-healers


They shall take up serpents

The golden calf

Massive elephants

Pastor, Inc.

Old gossipy wags

"Subjective dreams and visions"

"Woefully out of touch"

Raising the dead

"How to recognize a false prophet"

Blown about by every wind of doctrine

Fragging Craig Keener

Life in the compound

Shilling for radical feminism

Taking shortcuts on miracles

The Monsters On Maple Street

Apostolic miracles

Does Cessationism Still Stand?

The Spirit of prophecy

Huguenot miracles

Correcting Fred's falsehoods

Let God Arise

Guiding light

God is my co-pilot

An audible voice


Cases of xenoglossy

Charismata in church history

Gifts of healing

Heaven Tourism

Dousing strange fires

Exorcism and healing

Availing prayer

How prevalent were the charismata?

Does God heal?

Bubbleboy cessationism


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  1. Annoyed - thanks for collecting these. I haven't read them all, but I'm certain that Steve's perspective is clear, Biblical, and level-headed

    1. Absolutely! You Triabloggers have a lot of great material posted. They just aren't as organized as they could be and so slow down or prevent new visitors (or posterity) from accessing the wealth of information and clear thinking arguments available (which is the one weakness of the blog format). During the early years Triabloggers weren't consistent in using blog labels (if at all). I'm glad you folks are are now. I like how you and Jason occasionally collect related blogs and post them in an organized fashion on a single blog.

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  2. Thank you A.P., this is excellent. Although I had already cut and pasted some of the material into a personal file of mine for additional study later it's good to have all these links here on one page. However, in looking it over I don't see a link to the post back in July that started this entire conversation which was the blog entry "Was Kathryn Kuhlman a charlatan?

    I mention it both because of Steve's initial overview about the topic and my extended conversation with him in the comments section, particularly with regard to the verification of at least one person miraculously cured of cancer in her healing service, along with further biblical exegesis of 1 Cor. 12: v. 9, 28 and 30 concerning "gifts of healings".


    1. I don't see a link to the post back in July that started this entire conversation which was the blog entry "Was Kathryn Kuhlman a charlatan?

      Hmm...I thought I had included it. I guess because I thought it was posted by Steve after his blog titled, "Christian debunkers."

      Anyway, I've just added that link, and you're right. Steve posted that blog about Kuhlman prior to "Christian debunkers." Thank you very much for bringing that to my attention. :-))))

  3. On another blog Truth Unites... and Divides asked whether Steve Hays is a semicessationist. I responded to him there on THAT BLOG.

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