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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Blog Comments That Address the Supernatural

Before I list a selection of links to other people's blogs containing my various comments on the topic of the supernatural, I'm going to list some links to some of my own blogposts here that also deal with the supernatural.
Links on the Subject of Miracles in the Context of Craig Keener's Recent Book
Alleged Visions, Dreams and Visitations of Jesus to Muslims

Evidence and Testimonies of Demonic and Angelic Encounters

List of Notable Calvinists who are also Continuationists

Finally, here's  a link to  a blogpost where I've collected a fewer list of the same links below that specifically address my views on the charismata.


Former Pastor Joseph: "It was all in my mind. God doesn't talk to people."

Hearing voices

Casting mountains into the sea

Faith and providence

Birthmarks and reincarnation


Dreams of Jesus

Bubbleboy cessationism

Avalos on prayer

God heals amputees!

Crop Circles: Aliens, Plasma Vortex or Human Creation?

Ambushed by life

Oppy on supernatural encounters

Genie in a bottle

How problematic is the problem of unanswered prayer?

Beat the devil

The problems of unanswered prayer

If private revelations agree with Scripture, they are needless

Demon-haunted world

Yes, Spirits Of The Dead Appear On Earth

"Magic trees"

Demon possession and allied themes : being an inductive study of phenomena of our own times

I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare

The Spirit of prophecy

The Role of Tradition in the Church

Naturalism and the burden of proof

Apostolic miracles

Blomberg on modern miracles

Miracles and medicine

John 14:12

Proximal prayer

Weeding out charlatans

Complete healing

Matches in the dark

Modern xenoglossy

The healing debate

Praying for amputees

Instant healing

Dealing with physical ailment 

Satanic gang wars

Ufology and miracles

Calvinism is Flourishing in China

Was Spurgeon clairvoyant?

How cessationism denies the self-attesting authority of Scripture

"Modern apostles"

Tongues of fire

The prayer of faith

Fire and smoke

Dreaming of Jesus

Postmortem on the Waldron/Brown debate

Brown v. Waldron

Have the charismata ceased?

Hiding behind a girl

Throwing the baby out with the paintbrush

What cessationism is not...or is it?

The prayer of faith will save the sick

Putting God in a box

Critical thinking on modern miracles

Healers and healing

George Müller: charismatic Calvinist

Is this charismatic?

Judging by appearances

Deflecting miracles

Twitversation with Dr Michael Brown

The Ninth Gate

Christianity And Its Evidence Keep Growing 

Animal clairvoyance

Manichean open theism

Who's redefining what? 

Rehoboam and compatibilism

Why do ghosts wear clothes? 

 Feminist cessationists 
To be read in light of:

Cessationism, testimonial evidence, and historical knowledge

"Extrabiblical revelation" 

Hypocrites chiding hypocrites

What is prophecy? 

Can God be chained?

The Church of Hume 

Is continuationism false by definition?

Debunking continuationism

Healing a few 

Skeptical cessationism 

John MacArthur’s Ministry Responds to Me (by Michael L. Brown)

 Be Prepared To Address Paranormal Phenomena

Christian debunkers 

Was Kathryn Kuhlman a charlatan? 

UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus

Epilepsy or possession? 

Lay exorcism

Walking on water 

"Hearing God" 

"Learning to hear God's voice"

Angels ascending

Divine guidance
To be read in light of my comments:
and here

Marshall v. Carrier 

Pope Francis: “I Want a Poor Church for the Poor” 

Piper on Healing and Exorcism 

Suicide: "You've got to go back"

Confessionalism & continuationism 
Read in light of

 The charismata

God, man, and miracles

A Neurosurgeon’s Near Death Experience 

Why God Would Perform Partial, Gradual, And Other Lesser Miracles

Why Miracles Aren't More Documented

Psychosomatic Miracles?

The Healing Of Amputees

Clash of the Titans

How Many People Claim To Have Witnessed A Miracle?

Dreams and visions

An Interview With Craig Keener On Miracles

Craig Keener's Work On Miracles Is Out

Divine, Demonic, Or Something Else?

The Credibility And Commonality Of Near-Death Experiences

Interviews With Some Paranormal Researchers

One angel or two?

What Should Christians Make Of UFOs?


Lourdes & Fatima

Reformed cessationism

Miracles: now and then

Reformed historicism or Reformed cessationism?

Miracles and methodological naturalism

Bell, book, & candle


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