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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vincent Cheung on Healing

Because he holds to a modified form of Clarkian presuppositionalism, Cheung is a controversial figure (just like other Clarkians) both in non-Calvinistic AND Calvinistic circles. Clarkians hold to Axiomatic (also called Dogmatic, or Deductive, or Rational) Presuppositionalism which includes the theological/philosophical/apologetical position of Scripturalism as well as the position of empirical skepticism. His views on Calvinism are considered by some to be hyper-Calvinistic or strongly leaning toward it. I myself am a Van Tillian Revelational Presuppositionalist rather than a Clarkian Axiomatic Presuppostionalist (though, I do appreciate some of the contributions and insights Clarkians have made in apologetics).

There are theological, apologetical, metaphysical and philosophical positions that Cheung holds to which some Calvinists will accept or reject (in part or in whole) depending on one's own variety of Calvinism. He has certain Calvinistic positions and distinctives which he brings to bear on the subject of continuationism. For example, he holds to Divine occasionalism and applies that to the issue of divine healing and God's activity in creation. Calvinists are free to hold to a Divine occasionalist understanding of causation and creaturely existence. But there are many other models that are compatible with Calvinism. Jonathan Edwards himself made statements that would sometimes imply Divine occasionalism, and at other times Divine idealism. Calvinists are also free to hold to either the A-theory or B-theory of time with respect to creation. For the record Cheung is a supralapsarian, rejects Common Grace, affirms Divine Command Theory and freely affirms the concept and accepts the term of Hard Determinism (see his book The Author of Sin for some of his distinctives).

I post the following links to some of Cheung's works because his writings will challenge cessationist Calvinists to reconsider their position. Also, because his teachings will encourage and enlighten his fellow continuationist Calvinists even if they don't agree with every minor point he makes. I'm in substantial agreement with Cheung on divine healing. Though, I don't necessarily hold to some of his dogmatic Calvinistic views and how he employs them in his doctrine of healing. For example, I'm open to the possible truth of occasionalism, but I don't see why it's the only consistent Calvinistic view of causation as he claims. There have been other views that Calvinists have argued for, and many of them are within the pale of Calvinistic orthodoxy.

Here are links to three works by Cheung on the subject of Divine Healing which he wrote at different times 2001, 2003 and 2013. Take in to consideration the fact that his views have developed throughout the years. They have matured and become more balanced. For example, compared to his earlier works the 2013 book is less radical on the issue of the use of natural remedies like medicine. In his latest work on healing (2013) he writes:

An important difference is that the Bible makes healing through faith the standard instead of the  exception (Matthew 8:17; James 5:14-15), so that it is unacceptable to consider it an optional aspect  of Christian life and ministry. This is not to suggest that those who use medicine should feel  condemned or that they should stop taking their medication. The point is that those who speak as if the Bible eagerly and explicitly supports the use of medicine are wrong – there is no such support in  the Bible. Rather, it teaches us to increase in our faith for healing and in our dependence on God's power.

Lectures on Biblical Healing by Vincent Cheung 2001 (or here)

Biblical Healing by Vincent Cheung 2003 (or here)

Biblical Healing by Vincent Cheung 2012 (or here, here)

Samson and His Faith by Vincent Cheung

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Prayer and Revelation by Vincent Cheung 2012

Invincible Faith by Vincent Cheung

Blogposts by Vincent Cheung

Beginning in Healing Ministry by Vincent Cheung

Advancing in Healing Ministry by Vincent Cheung

Contending in Healing Ministry by Vincent Cheung

I agree with the general sentiments of the following blogposts by Cheung. However, I do think he's Wayyyyyyyyyy too harsh on cessationists. His criticisms are like buckshot. Some of them hit, others completely miss the real target and hit strawmen.

Faith Override by Vincent Cheung

All Things Are Yours by Vincent Cheung

The Extreme Faith Teacher by Vincent Cheung

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