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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cessationism vs. Continuation Debates

Michael Brown vs. Sam Waldron

Does the Bible Teach that the Charismatic Gifts are for Today?
Matt Slick vs. Sam Waldron
(video link)
(mp3 link)

Adrian Warnock vs. Douglas Wilson
(video link)

Sola Scriptura Debate - Does God Still Speak Through Prophecy
Video Part ONE; Part TWO
mp3 audio version
Adrian Warnock vs. Mark Fitzpatrick

Michael Brown vs. Phil Johnson

The Healing Debate:
Part ONE; Part TWO
Michael Brown vs. James White

The Role of Prophecy In the Church Today
Wayne Grudem vs. Ian Hamilton

Cessation of the Gifts DEBATE
 Steve Gregg vs. Calvin Keller

David Antwi vs. Angus Stewart

See especially the Blog debates/discussions by Steve Hays:
Steve Hays on Cessationism

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